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Preformed (Beatbox) with Abra @ Kunta Lounge (23/06/06), @ Foufounes Still Under Pressure (09/08/06)


Preformed (Beatbox) with Abra & Emotions @ A-TRAK's "Sunglasses Is A Must Tour" (04/06/06)


Preformed (Beatbox) @ Still Water Inc. "Soul Entertainment" Show (02/06/06), @ Pte Caf Campus with 4Tamashi (??/07/06)


Preformed (DJ/Beatbox) @ Jello-Bar With Quadraceptor (05/04/06) & with Tariq Khan (12/04/06)


Preformed (Beatbox) @ Jello-Bar (Tues. with "The Aliens") & @ Boodha-Bar (Mon. with Liquid)(Thurs. with "The Aliens")





Preformed (Beatbox/Singing/Rapping) With ABRACADABRA @ Foufounes for Sage Francis (26/04/05) In Victoria (B.C.) @ Luckys (29/06/05), In Vancouver @ The Media Club (30/06/05) & Foufounes (20/07/05), @ Jupiter Room (09/03/05) & @ Lava Lounge (Chuggo's Party)




Preformed (Beatbox/Singing/Rapping) With ABRACADABRA @ The Human Beatbox convention in NYC (23/04/04), Art Auction & tableturns fundraiser for Multifemmes (14/12/04), @ In Da Beat (16/12/04) & @ KOPS CREW Year's party "2K4", Blue Dog (31/03/04).




Preformed (Beatbox/Singing/Rapping) With ABRACADABRA  @  Blue Dog (30/07/03) & (06/08/03), @  Saphir .(24/07/03) & (31/07/03). Under Pressure @ Foufoun E. (10/08/03).


Preformed (Beatbox/Singing/Rapping) With Organic Bass and ABRACADABRA the "SHADOBOXERZ"  with Patrick Batemen at Café Campus (21/02/03), quest jam at Quadraceptor vs Bucketboy @ La Sala Rosa (23/02/03) and NOCTUA @ Le Medley with DJ Mana (21/03/03).




Preformed (Beatbox/Singing/Rapping) for TV Popstars "The One". Reached the top 15 out of 7,000 accross Canada. (Aug. 2002). Show was put on air (Feb.2003)


Preformed (Beatbox) @ Karina with (Host) Freddie James (04/06/02) & (18/06/02).


Performed (Beatbox/Singing/Rappin/DJ) with "Sunny Side Up" @ "Swimming" (31/03/02) and @ Chez Dagobert (10/06/02) & (11/06/02).


Preformed (Beatbox/Singing/Rapping) with ABRACADABRA along side "The Rhythm Mercenaries" (12/04/02).


Preformed (Beatbox/Singing/Rapping) with ABRACADABRA Closeing a show for K-OS  @ Saphir (05/04/02) & (14/11/02)


Preformed (Beatbox/Singing/Rapping) along side Prof. Over Tap, QUADRACEPTOR & Butter Beats @ "Casa De Popilo" (01/04/02). 




Preformed (Beatbox/Singing/Rapping) With Prof. Over Tap, ABRACADABRA and QUADRACEPTOR the "SHADOBOXERZ" @ "Home Grown" (13/07/01), Club Jingxi (19/08/01).

Preformed (Beatbox/Singing/Rapping) @ Comedy Zone "Soul Shack" in the Nouvel Hotel (03/06/01).

Preformed (Beatbox/Singing/Rapping) with ABRACADABRA @ Club Soda opening for "Slum Village" (18/05/01) @ Club Zone for "The Hi-Phoniqs" (25/10/01) @ Sala Rosa for "The Rhythm Mercenaries" (29/11/01) and "AKOPALYPSE" Multi-media art party by KOPS Pro. (31/12/01).

Preformed (Beatbox/Singing/Rapping) In Halifax with ABRA, Chance 1 & Lowes (05/04/01).

Preformed (Beatbox/Singing/Rapping) with The Sofa House Band (Jam Night) @ Sofa Club (14/01/01), (18/02/01), (06/05/01), (24/06/01), (15/07/01), (12/08/01) & (21/10/01).

Performed (Beatbox/Singing/Rappin/DJ) with "Sunny Side Up" (10/01/01) @ Chez Dagobert, (19/03/01) in Toronto @ The Reverb. Club Soda (31/03/01), New Youk City on a boat (14/04/01), (18/09/01) @ Chez Dagobert & (19/09/01) at Chez Dagobert for D.K.D.


Preformed (Beatbox/Singing/Rapping) @ Sofa Club with The Ginseng band with Betty (30/06/00), (01/07/00), (14/07/00), (15/07/00), (29/09/00) & (30/09/00).

Preformed (Beatbox/Singing/Rapping) with The Sofa House Band (Jam Night) @ Sofa Club with Danny Blanco, Betty, Roz Hunt......etc. (19/3/00), (23/04/00), (21/05/00), (04/06/00), (23/07/00), (13/08/00), (10/09/00), (24/09/00), (15/10/00) & (05/11/00).

Preformed (DJ/Beatbox/Singing) with "ONE TON" *from Que. In Quebec. (09/09/00) & on TV3 (09/18/00).

5 Min. of fame (Beatbox/Singing/Rapping) every Tuesday @ Jello-Bar.

Preformed (Beatbox/Singing/Rapping) With JUST IZ, ABRACADABRA and QUADRACEPTOR the "SHADOBOXERZ" @ Club Soda in The Kid Koala Show (03/05/00). @ The Cabaret, along side Beached Whale, Rhythm Mercenaries, Wilfully Obscure, Phonologic, Hectic and Dav & Franky Fontaine (23/06/00). @ "L'X Club" along side Virtuoso, Mr. Lif, 40th Dimension, Fygement, Blurum 13, Manchilde, Chilan, Fakts-One, Killa-Jewel and Mana (26/05/00). @ "FLEXX II" (Beri Park) with "Solid State" (03/08/00). @ "On The Good Foot " at Club Soda (26/08/00). @ Blizarts (20/08/00). @ The Black Theator Workshop of Montreal at the Old Port (19/08/00). Press con. (16/08/00). @ "Funky Fresh". Along side: Capital J, Marty McFly, Gnat, Sase One, Slyde, Corey K, Melon, The Mindset, Somsay (16/09/2000), @ Pte Caf Campus (21/09/2000), @ Jailhouse with The Rhythm Mercenaries. (16/10/00), @ La Place A Cote "Rap Flow sur Le Plateau" with: Kombinne Lakail, Batards, ADN, DJ Horg, DJ Naes, & DJ Jaber. (20/10/00) & @ AMALGASTYLEE MASSIVTU at Le Studio (17/11/00)

Preformed (Beatbox/Singing/Rapping) with Tony Albino at China Club (19/04/00).

Co-Hosted on the morning show on K-103.7 F.M. Radio.

Preformed (Beatbox) on C.I.S.M. 89.3 F.M. Radio, C.B.C. 87.7 F.M. Radio, C.K.U.T. 90.3 F.M. Radio & K-103.7 F.M. Radio.

Solo night with The Lilis Tigers Band (Beatbox/Singing/Rapping) @ Jello-Bar with: (Host) Freddie James, Anthony Rozankovic, Arnold Ludvig, Raoul Perrera, Charles Imbeau, Tony Albino and Eric Asswad (21/3/00), (25/07/00) guest appear. The SHADOBOXERZ & (24/10/00).


Montreals #1 Beatbox Champ. For 24th Elements ENIGMA with guests: Muzion, Mizery, Gundie, F.P.Crew, Final Four (Off Side), Manchild, The Ill Hebrew, J brass, 24k, Bless, The Gorgtten Son, Fratelli Fortunati, Abracadabra, Quadraceptor, Just Iz, Blast (98,99 DMC Champ.), Tha Madd Scientist, Unaware, MTRX and P-Love (12/12/99).

5 Min. of fame (Beatbox/Rapping) at Jello-Bar, Tokyo, Bourbon Street West and Wax Lounge. Performing with: Freddie James and the Fusion 3, Tribal Groove, Lilis Tigers, Co-Soul, The All Star Band, Ginseng and Rayle (All Year).

2 Solo nights with The Lilis Tigers Band (Beatbox/Singing/Rapping) @ Wax Lounge with: (Host) Freddie James, Anthony Rozankovic, Arnold Ludvig, Raoul Perrera, Charles Imbeau, Tony Albino and Eric Asswad (27/4/99) & (25/5/99).


Dj at Night Box with Eddie Lewis (All Year).

Preformed (Beatbox/Singing/Rapping) with Royal Jelly (All Year).

Guest DJ on K-103.7 F.M. Radio. The Soca Genie & NuTraSweet Show.

Hosted Jello-Bars Mask R Aid with: Geraldine Hunt, Freddie James, Slim Williams, Alan (Soul-O), Coco & Desy, Collin Warrel, Ben Comeau, Anthony Albino, Daniel Joseph, Sylvie Peron, Kim Richarddson, Sky Juice, Tom Walsh, Chris Millington, Chancelle, Joanna Congas, Dj Rom, David Dash and Tony DeSypris (19/2/98).


Guest DJ on K-103.7 F.M. Radio. The Soca Genie & NuTraSweet Show.

Continued performances (Beatbox/Singing/Rapping) with Royal Jelly. Around Montreal, Sherbroke and 3 Rivers (All Year).


Preformed (Beatbox/Singing/Rapping) with Royal Jelly (All Year).

Montreals #1 Step Champs with Dawson Step Family (D.S.F.).


Preformed with Dawson Step Family for Step Comp *Placed 2nd*.

Preformed (Beatbox/Singing/Rapping) with Royal Jelly with: Tom Walsh, Sylvie Peron or Alan (Soul-O) or Roz Hunt, Craig Hodgson, Eric Asswad, Anthony Rozankovic, Todd Swift, Harry and Rob or Evon (All Year).


Guest Dj on Musique Pluss Bouge De LA with Dream Warriors and host
Juliette Powell (11/11/94).

Guest Performance (Rapping) on Musique Pluss Bouge De La with Eddie Lewis, D.F.S. and host Juliette Powell.

Host & DJ on Dawson's College radio (C.I.X.S.).

Preformed (Beatbox/Singing/Rapping). with Pain & Pleasure (All Year) @ La Foire du Plateau on Mont Royal Street (26/8/94), Bar VIP, Club DiSalvio, Jello-Bar, Curkus, Publix, Magenta and HMV Montreals downtown main store (5/7/94) With: Roz Hunt, Freddie James, Snookie, Gary McKenzy, Hons, Crag Hodgson, Jean Anfossi and Jonathan Stein.

Preformed (Rapping) @ The Festival International de Jazz de Montreal (10/7/94) and The Salle du Gesu (18/4/94) with Symphonie Funk: Luc Hamel, Yves Adam, Sylvain Gagnon and Yvon Plouffe.


Preformed (Rapping) @ Club DiSalvios Round Midnight Acid Jazz every Wednesday with: Tom Walsh, Craig Hodgson, Maurice Soso, Sylvie Perron, Todd Swift, Alan Prater (Soul-O), Harold Fisher, Knowledge, Mike, Lyndon, Liquid, Martin Mcleish and Stphane Cummings (All Year).

Preformed (Rapping) @ Champlain College International Black Student Associations 2nd Annual Black History Month Fundraising Rap Show with: (Hosts) Rickey D & Shaheed, Dj Boy Wonder, Freddie James, Def Threat, Shades of Culture, Jay Soul and the Soul Tribe, Richard (Fuzz) & Walken, Brothers from Burgundy, Scoobe Doo (T.L.C.), Misery, Dah Freshmen, Phaze & Corwin, Attitude Crew, Appollo, Super Peart, Touch of Originality, Fusion and DancForce from D.C.D.C., Pure Power from D.C.D.C., Patrick Emanuel and The Dawson Steppers (24/3/93).

Host & DJ on Dawson's College radio (C.I.X.S.).

Preformed (Rapping) @ Montreals Coalition Hip-Hop Local Talent Show with: (Host)Royal T, Dj Choice, Dj Rhythem & Groove, Attitude Crew, Def Theat, Scooby Doo (T.L.C.), Overproof, I.B.M., Crazy Feminine, Misery, Dope V, Sport D, Mental Impact, Zaya, R.C.P., Shingi & The Rap Poet, Suburban Ghetto, Fully Packed, Apollo, Snowhite, Basement Flavor, At Random, Lord DVX, M.R.F., Major Damage and Howndawgz (24/7/93).


Performed (Rapping) @ Rap Attack 92 in Club Red Zone. Special guest: Flight, Attitude Crew, Sport D, and Snowhite (7/11/92).

Westmount High School Variety show (Rapping/Dancing /Beatboxing).

Hosted Dawsons Black & 3rd World Black Style Fashion & Talent Show (25/2/92).



Westmount High School Variety show (Rapping/Dancing/Step Dancing).

Guest Dj on Musique Pluss Rap Cit with Host KCLMNOP .


Westmount High School Talent Show (Dancing).