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The Suits XL (a.k.a. SUNNY SIDE UP)

Popstar "The One"
The Suits XL (a.k.a. SUNNY SIDE UP)
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I was the back up vocals/rapper/DJ/Beatboxer... Untill they got a record contract.

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Sunny Side Up because they're bright, positive and yes, beachy. And because, with some bacon, it's always a great way to start the day. If you're not fed up with eggs yet, we're sure you'll enjoy their soulful grooves and lyrics as a daily musical diet. Indeed, dancing to these tunes will have you loose some weight soon. The genre is a bit difficult to define: Sunny Side Up is like a three-headed monster that's handsome and friendly. Although the back bone is made out of rock, perhaps even hard, it takes all sorts of twists and turns.

There's one head that is sentimental and sings for the sake of melody, while the other raps and scats with defiance. The other head is there for balance, so this strange creature doesnt fall. Mind you, both heads do it in French, Spanish and English. Most of the songs that come out of these heads reflect the nature of their composers: emotionally charged, dynamic and funny. So you'll see that while they have a great understanding of what a pop song is in structure and feel, they'll fill you the container with serious content. A favorite of theirs is being cynical about love and relationships, with a humorous approach that won't kill the mood.

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What the band stands for: Sunny Side Up is about being optimistic and pointing out the lighter side of things. However, the band doesn't caution foolishness; the artists are well-informed and realistic about the world they live in. So usually a balance is struck between these seemingly opposite attitudes through the use of irony, both in the music and in the lyrics.

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Recipe: Mix pop music with rock, add various other ingredients (any ingredients will do). Throw in half a dozen eggs, spice it up. Blend into juice, let flow. Preheat oven (as hot as possible please). Drink immoderatly. Shut down oven.


1 Sam (vocals, guitars, somewhere frontstage, 155 lbs, clean)

1 Yohann (vocals, guitars, homestyle, 160 some lbs, raw)

1 X-Wam (vocals, vocal scratch, scratch, fresh, 160 lbs please)

1 Fred (bass, 158 lbs, organic)

1 Felix (synths, programming, 140 lbs, diced)

1 Pat (drums, sound engineering, wholesome, biggie)

1 Oli (songwriting, some vocals, stirred not shaken, 182 lbs)

For a grand total of 1155 lbs.